Wednesday, 8 April 2009

BAR Published

NAC would also like to announce the recent launch of our first BAR. This publication is based upon the the Archaeological Investigations along the A1 Dualling Scheme, Loughbrickland to Beech Hill, Co. Down, N. Ireland (2005).

At the Loughbrickland site we uncovered the remains of three Neolithic houses and two Late Bronze Age barrow cemeteries, the cremated remains of 22 men, women and children were recovered from the cemeteries. Artefacts uncovered during the excavation include complete pottery bowls, polished stone axes and flint arrowheads. We also found evidence of what these prehistoric people would have eaten, in the form of pig bones, apple seeds, and carbonised grain.

If you would like more information on this publication, or are interested in purchasing it please follow this link. Alternatively you could visit us at our website here.

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